1. The airwaves are silent, and so am I.

  2. I just don’t know how to put him down on paper.

  3. It’s been a really good summer. Yesterday and last night were pretty good examples of that. Island fare on Anastasia, beach day, and shots from Cazbah, this really good middle-eastern place in Jacksonville. The last picture is of the downtown skyline, taken from the interstate. Life is pretty stellar right now.

  4. prettyfictional:

    Remember when it rained caterpillars
    And you made me face my fears, regardless
    And the short walk seemed longer,
    But better with you there?

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  5. raisethecurve:

    The air conditioner with fluid on its lungs

    rocks me to sleep at night with the frequency
    of hummingbird wings. The occasional hiccup

    as the electrical system of the house lets shift
    the burden of our existence. You are never far;

    even in the darkness, I can feel you until
    my eyes dim and chase distance into sleep.

    My bed is a blessing of poor construction.
    My headboard knows the curves of your name

    better than my lips, dancing tirelessly to
    the rhythm of heartbeats when all is quiet.

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  6. science-in-a-jar:

    When I told you

    that I missed you,

    I didn’t mean

    that I missed you.

    I miss you,

    Who used to tell

    Me her dreams.

    Who used to kiss me like the world was ending.

    Who used to look at me like I wasn’t nothing.

    Because I don’t

    Miss you most

    When I’m alone in the dark.

    I miss you most

    When my lips are against yours,

    And you’re not there


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  7. papersoulstruggle:

    i want your sweat and blood,
    your spinning head,
    your gasping lungs
    pure dirt and crooked smirk
    lovely grunge
    the speakers boom and i’m in love,
    hungry shy, and vulgar drunk
    i can’t put any of this into words
    that do your charms justice
    i’m no good at much and i never learn
    my intentions can’t be trusted
    i’m swarmed,
    i feel warm and maladjusted
    on my toes,
    in the curling throes of lusting function

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  8. bohemianrationalist:

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  9. bohemianrationalist:

I did a thing.


    I did a thing.

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  10. Never make someone a priority when all you are to them is an option.
    Maya Angelou
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